Crestals Chess Club


Besides offering our clients with excellent dedicated services, Crestals team has recognized the need to enhance talent development through its contribution in corporate social responsibility. The company appreciates the need to transform lives through sponsorships and branding endeavors, and as such Crestals’ culture entails the need to honorably embrace the responsibility of empowering young men and women as they advance on their talent development journey. It’s evident that the talents of the young people could turn around the rough tides of society and regenerate a talent driven era which is a sure foundation for social and economic development of the entire nation of Uganda.

Crestals Chess Club is the first of many other campaigns under the arm of corporate social responsibility aiming at aiding individual talent development, and therapy for autistic correction among the vulnerable children especially those struggling with high levels of mental retardation, a medically diagnosed syndrome affecting millions of people across the globe as reported by the World Health Organization, (WHO). In a bid to reach a broader community, Crestals Chess Club has been a very useful tool to capture the talented individuals and at the same time support those who have exhibited a relatively higher competitive advantage in the game. With a very well streamlined vision, the Crestals Chess club aims at setting up an internationally recognized Chess Academy (Center), with an objective to promote Chess games through partnering with other corporate bodies and seeking sponsorships which could also advocate for generating of academic goals among the participants. The Chess game has been highly welcomed in schools at several academic levels and recommended by doctors as a major tool to improving critical thinking  and concentration skills amongst the students, making it one of the most revered games in extra co-curricular activities.

Featured Success Story:

Some of the individuals who have benefited from the Club include Maria Nakanyike who has turned up into a grand junior champion as rated by the Fide Chess federation, together with her two brothers  and several other youngsters who are surfing through the tides to build confidence in participating at both the national and international levels.

Maria has become a true success story, thanks to Crestals Chess Club (the only national chess club that focuses on developing talent of children below the age of 18 years and give them equal opportunity to compete at a national and international level) which has offered her the opportunity to display her skills and seen her through a series of challenges on her journey since the beginning. Maria’s success story builds on an inspiration moment which forever changed her life as well as that of her family.

At the age of 6, Maria envied the victories of her siblings in junior chess championships and she developed a strong inspiration to achieve for herself so that she too can celebrate with the rest of the family in return.

With a strong will, Maria joined the rest of the girls in the chess club and exhibited a great talent at her age of 9 by beating several other girls and a boy in the much-revered board game, Chess.

In 2015 Maria got to learn about Crestals Chess Club as the only national club focused on promoting and sponsoring young boys and girls to give them exposure to play competitive chess at a national and international scene and she secured a place to play. And today, Maria’s skills have evolved from being an ordinary player to a world-class Junior Chess champion and she is ranked number 1 star in Uganda and on the entire Continent of Africa under 12, in the Women Candidate Master category, by the FIDE World Chess Federation and stands at position 378 under 11, in the whole world of 223059 Master Chess stars. She also holds the National League trophy of 2016, in the Second Division and Maria has won several accolades in several tournaments as a junior star. Presently, Maria has now secured herself full tuition scholarship for both her secondary and university education.

However, like most talented young men and women in Uganda, Maria’s future was uncertain due to lack of funding sources which would relatively enable her to advance her talent and rise to the global challenge that she vehemently longs for. It’s an expensive venture to support Maria following the upcoming tournaments.  And as such, Crestals Africa Ltd, (CAL) has endowed its financial, moral and social assistance to Maria in regards to propelling her to achieve her dream.

After a series of studies and observations, Chess has been proved to help children and the youth to correct autism syndrome at a technical level and Maria has been very pivotal towards helping victims through this game and as such, Crestals would mold a Chess club to not only support a talented generation but also to help students to develop better  mathematical skill sets as well as promoting better critical and thinking skills and of course not leaving out a more revised deal to rescue autistic victims. To further this noble cause, Crestals Chess Club has a vision to build a Chess Academy to help raise and inspire many younger boys and girls and give them a great future, as well, implement this proven chess model in schools to help many boys and girls who struggle with science subjects and critical thinking.


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